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This is the Munchie's Pug Raid website.  Everyone is welcome to register on the site and sign up to join our raids.
Raid rules
1) No Vent = No Loot
2)Loot will be given out based on classes.  If multiple people are in the raid from that class, they will send a number 1-100 to whomever the raid leader chooses.  Then a number will be generated from the Raid leaders bot. Who ever is closest to the bot number roll wins.
3)Individual simple relics  will be distributed by the need/greed roll system.
4)If multiple raids are being ran in the same night, after the completion of the first raid, the raid will disband and be reformed with the raid leader and 1 person in order to set the instance and then people will be reinvited.  This is to prevent people from locking out others from the raid.
5) first wing1 shard is leads every other is need greed roll
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